Design Initiatves

Website Services

Providing everything you need to capture your piece of online real estate.

What exactly do you need to get your site up and running? It all begins with these three items:

  1. A Designer/Programmer to create your site
  2. A Domain Name - similar to a street address
  3. A Hosting Computer, which is where the site lives

Design Initiatives can purchase a domain name for you, provide hosting, and create a stunning website for you using the popular content management systems WordPress or Joomla, but this is just the beginning. Making your brand a success also involves promotion and interactivity. Design Initiatives can help you set up;

  • a Facebook "Like" page
  • a Twitter account
  • a Blog
  • an Etsy account
  • a PayPal account
  • a YouTube account
  • a Picasa Web Albums account

and then weave these into your website and help you create a marketing plan to keep your site fresh and customers coming back.

Contact Jenny today to discuss your needs and she will create an affordable web package suited to your plans.