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Tutorial: Setting Up Branded Email in Outlook Express

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  1. Open microsoft outlook. By clicking on the start menu, you should be able to see outlook.

  2. Under the tools menu select accounts.

    Adding an account in Outlook Express
  3. Click once on add and then select mail.

    Adding an account in Outlook Express

  4. Enter your name and click next.

  5. Enter your email address. It can be anything you would like @yourdomain. your extention. For example it could be When you are finished click next.

    Linking your email address

  6. Under Incoming mail and Outgoing mail type: If you have a .net or .org account replace .com with the appropriate ending.

    POP Settings

  7. Enter your username and password. Then click next. At this point, you have successfully finished the wizard, click finish to exit the wizard. When your email account is set up on our servers you will recieve this information in an email.

  8. Select the mail tab from the internet accounts window and double click on your newly created account. Select the servers tab and check my server requires authentication. Click apply and then click ok.

    Email properties

  9. Close the windows: (or .net, org etc.) and Internet Accounts so that you only see the main outlook window.

  10. Finally click on the Send/Recv button in the upper left portion of your window to get your email and send any mail you have perviously composed.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email us at

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