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Marketing is the most important part of getting new customers; and there are
a few goldmine secrets in internet marketing. Here they are:

  • E-mail Newsletters: You want your product and service to be a part of people's everyday life. Email newsletters keep your customers informed and coming back. In fact, it is proven that email marketing turns website visitors into lifetime customers more quickly and less expensively than any other marketing vehicle. The most popular email newsletter software is Constant Contact.

  • Content is King on the Web: What really keeps customers coming back for more on your site? The content! Make sure to keep your site chock full of information about your business, and keep it fresh- update as much as possible. Check your website statistics often to see what pages your visitors are visiting most, and beef up the content on those pages. Visitors also enjoy reading about personal information, even if it is unrelated to your company. If your boss just had a baby, make sure to put up a page about it, you will be surprised to see how much traffic that page gets. Visitors like to feel connected to the people and businesses they shop from. This also creates customer loyalty.

  • Cost per Click Advertisements: This kind of advertisement works well with strategically placed ads, and you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. If you are only going to follow one marketing rule, we suggest signing up today with Google AdWords.

  • Make Sure Google Knows Who & Where You Are: When your website is in its final stages, Design Initiatives submits your site to Google. To confirm your listing, Google will need to call the phone number you have listed to make sure you are legitimate. We will be sure to let you know when we do this and when to expect the call.

  • Inbound Marketing: Learn about why inbound marketing, including content marketing and social media participation (for example white papers, eBooks, podcasts, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.) are more effective than conventional outbound marketing (television, radio, direct mail, etc.) in this Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing Infographic.

  • Read the Web Marketing Checklist: Cited in PC Magazine, it has 32 ways to promote your site!

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