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Tutorial: Checking Your Website Statistics

  1. Login to your Control Panel by clicking "Client Login" located at the top of this page. Enter your username and password and click "Okay."

  2. Click on the "Web/FTP Stats" icon located in the fourth row of icons.
    Web/FTP Stats

  3. This brings you to a menu of statistics programs. We reccommend the third one down, called "Webalizer." Click on it. A gray page with graphs will come up called "Usage Statistics." The table below the graphs has a good overview of how many people are visiting your site:
    Statistical Graph

  4. The yellow highlighted section called "Visits" is what you want to look at. In the example above, in August of 2005 the average number of daily visitors to this site was 15. The total for the month was 268.

  5. Now let's delve into the statistics a bit deeper. Click on the blue "August 2005." It brings you to a page where the statistics are broken down by month, day, and hour. Pretty incredible! This lets you find out if more people visit your site during the work week or on the weekends, and if they are more likey to browse your site in the morning, afternoon, or late at night. By reading this information you can find out a lot about your market, and use it to help with future marketing campaigns. You can also use it to analize current marketing campaigns. For example, say you send out an e-newsletter on the 15th at 3 pm. After a week check your statistics and see how many more people visited your site as a result of the newsletter.

  6. The other neat things you can find out on this page are the entry and exit pages and your referrers. The entry page is the page a person first enters your site on, and the exit page is the page they left your site from. The most common entry page is "/_" which just means that people typed your direct url address into their web browser. The referrers are how people found your site. Is Google or Yahoo listed as one of your referrers? At the bottom of this page is a breakdown of which countries are visiting your site. Don't expect there to be many more than just the US when starting out!

  7. Feel free to hit the Back button and compare different months. Keep in mind that your statistics can be your most powerful tool to judge which of your marketing campaigns are working or not. We suggest checking them at least once a month to get an overview of how you are doing getting people to your site.

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